Thermal transfer labels – these are labels on rolls made of paper of any shape and size. To print on these labels in a printer we need a wax tracing paper. Possibility of colour print. Availability of glue base: acrylic, rubber, removable, tyre.

Thermal labels – these are labels made using TOP and ECO papers. ECO paper is characterized by low durability of print, and thereby, by low price. TOP paper is the paper on which the print has significantly longer life span. We do not need the tracing paper to make any of these papers. Free selection of glue bases: acrylic, rubber, removable and for deep freezing.

Foil labels – These labels may me made of polypropylene and polyethylene foil, with different glue bases and in any dimensions. To print on these labels we have to use resin or wax-resin tracing paper. This material may also be used to make protective labels e.g. void.